Another night of cooking (local) by the beach

We welcomed friends, a formerly local family now living the life fantastic in southwestern France, to our tiny beachfront apartment the other night for dinner. Question 1: Cook a French-style meal, to give them a taste of their new home and us of the Old World? A good chance to practice the technique. Question 2: […]

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Time flashing back and forth in my mind today, slicing shards of memories, disjointed, out of context and questionable in accuracy. Tomorrow night — yes, I think it’s tomorrow night — I will attend my high school reunion, again, this time the event will mark 30 years since graduation. Thirty years.…

Memorial Day Weekend: Two Dinners by the Shore

Since I had to trot off to work on Sunday night, taking one good holiday evening away from me, I decided to go all-out on Friday and Saturday evening. I had a plan. FRIDAY Grilled skirt steak and potatoes, salsa verde, simple salad, cold beer and wine Six tomatillos, medium onion (quartered), red anaheim chile, […]

Time for dirt and water

Despite the fact that the only outdoor space we can call our own is a concrete-and-brick terrace that loses sunlight by about one in the afternoon, I still got my hands dirty today. The goal? To try — against abbreviated daylight and too much saltwater in the air — to grow an herb garden. I […]


Dateline: 5.15.12 Belmar, NJ Hed: Man moves forward, does something positive Body: In shocking news today, I managed to move in a direction (any direction) after too many days-weeks-months-years of inertia. For the first time in my life — and about two weeks before my 48th birthday — I applied for my first student loan. […]

Something wicked cool this way comes

Soon, folks, I’ll be a contributing sportswriter at, an edgy and growing sports website that promises to break stories as well as ground. Mostly, I’ll be lurking around the PAC-12 football teams, but you can be sure that if something else breaks, or catches my interest (football or otherwise), I’ll be all over it. […]