Fun with Fiction: Behind the Cheese

He was upset and she knew it. Life was slow and boring and he couldn’t take it anymore. She never really knew what to say to him when he was like this, so she stopped herself before speaking. Maybe he would snap out of it. Maybe he would smile and let the so-called problems roll […]

This vs. That

Early morning, hot coffee, flipping through a food magazine and I noted some food-porn pictures of glorious edible artwork served at some of the nation’s best restaurants. Really, looked like the kind of stuff that people always say, “it looks too good to eat.” I’d be afraid to eat some of them, afraid in the […]

Flipped switches

The Zumba girls were dancing badly to The Pretenders‘ “Precious.” Terrible. No sense of rhythm. Wait a minute. “Precious” was blasting through my headphones. Blasting through my headphones as I worked on the elliptical machine. It was the only machine available and I felt funny taking it since it was the closest to the classroom […]

My public library is sad

I didn’t know I lived in such a small town until, after 10 years, I finally walked into my local public library and found a depressingly thin and deficient collection. Sure, there are several dozen books of fiction and non-fiction, poetry and reference, but the choices are odd and lacking in nutrition. The search for […]

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Time flashing back and forth in my mind today, slicing shards of memories, disjointed, out of context and questionable in accuracy. Tomorrow night — yes, I think it’s tomorrow night — I will attend my high school reunion, again, this time the event will mark 30 years since graduation. Thirty years.…

Memorial Day Weekend: Two Dinners by the Shore

Since I had to trot off to work on Sunday night, taking one good holiday evening away from me, I decided to go all-out on Friday and Saturday evening. I had a plan. FRIDAY Grilled skirt steak and potatoes, salsa verde, simple salad, cold beer and wine Six tomatillos, medium onion (quartered), red anaheim chile, […]

Time for dirt and water

Despite the fact that the only outdoor space we can call our own is a concrete-and-brick terrace that loses sunlight by about one in the afternoon, I still got my hands dirty today. The goal? To try — against abbreviated daylight and too much saltwater in the air — to grow an herb garden. I […]