Month: April 2012


Shifting sands

Once again, I’ve found myself outside looking in: another gap in my professional writing career, though I’ll always be writing since it’s as much a curse as anything. Still, what’s about to happen is exciting, though I’m not quite sure what it will be in the end.

A thrilling novel is on the way

However, there is one event on the closing horizon that could turn some heads and change the trajectory of my career, even if only for a while. You see, a book is coming, one written by myself as well a my father. It’s a mystery, a thriller and a thought-provoking statement on the world today and the world to come, all with a journalistic eye.

The novel is called, “TEL ARAD.” It will be available soon on… and maybe to a town near you.

Stay tuned. It will be worth the wait.